About | Ndiyo


Here's our story. 2020 rushed the globe with an immense amount of uncertainty, stress, and new challenges that we as individuals, and as a whole, have never faced. Our world changed overnight and I was so enamored by those around me that rose up to help support one another, build new bridges, and dig deeper than ever before to find joy in the simple things that make today. For me, I lost both of my jobs - teaching movement and designing websites. Things got quiet for a moment, and for those of you who know me quiet isn’t really my thing. So, I started on the next big project, a passion project I had dreamt about creating for years, and NDIYO was born.

NDIYO means "YES" in Swahili and we want to inspire you to say YES to new experiences and new possibilities both in and out of your hammock. Aerials isn't a fitness modality, it's a way of life and we are so excited to connect with you and spread our love of movement and creativity with our amazing community. 

NDIYO is a simple to use online Aerial Yoga & Aerial Fitness platform that offers a wide variety of beginner to advanced classes, a pose breakdown library, and features carefully curated series to keep you feeling inspired and motivated on your aerial journey. The aerial hammock supports and challenges us through an array of poses and exercises all less than 3 feet off of the ground. Anything from Yoga, Pilates, strength and conditioning, restorative, spinal decompression, and meditation. We offer something for everyone and yes there are more people than you may think with an Aerial set up in their house. It’s relatively easy to set up and the hammock and the hardware cost around $150. My adorable Mom even has one in her basement and loves Aerial Yoga classes.

I am so incredibly proud of the road we have traveled, one that we would have never be achieved without the love and support of so many friends and family, and to you, I am forever grateful. We are a new company and are still in the growing stages, which means we need your help! Please let us know what classes you like, what you would like to see more of, who are your favorite aerial instructors are, and any and all things aerials. The blood, sweat, and so many tears that went into building NDIYO are all for you, so please help us make it your personal escape, if only for an hour. 

We send all our love and light! ✨ 

Nikki & The NDIYO Family