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Support & FAQs

Subscription Cancellation

Subscriptions renew automatically at the end of each subscription period. If you choose to cancel your NDIYO subscription, you will have access to content until your renewal date and the subscription will not renew. NDIYO does not offer prorated refunds for canceled subscriptions.

How do I change my membership?

To access your account, click on “My Account” on the main menu bar. Navigate to “Billing” and scroll to the “Active Plan” section. There, you can click “Change Plan” to modify your subscription.

Free Trial details

At the end of your 14-day free trial, your account will automatically begin billing as a month-to-month membership. You can change to a yearly membership at any time or cancel at any time.

Discount Code

First, create an account. Then on the next screen, the billing information will show up and on the right-hand side it will prompt you to insert your Discount Code. 

What devices can I use with Ndiyo?

You can enjoy classes from a mobile, tablet, desktop, or even smart TV. Just navigate to in your browser and be sure to save your user name and password for quicker access!

Can I save favorites?

Save your favorite videos by hitting the heart under the video and they will appear on the top of your class catalog page. 

If I stop in the middle of a class can I restart later?

Yes! If you stop in the middle of the class, you can find it easily at the top of the catalog under “Continue Watching” with your playback position saved.

Navigating the site.

Click on “Classes” in the main navigation menu in the top right of the site. This will open up the class catalog. The classes are sorted by category and there is a “See All” button on the right-hand side to view all of the classes in that category. Under the NDIYO logo in the top left, you will find a “Filter” button that will open a drop-down menu to help you better sort through the classes to find exactly what you are looking for. Under the main navigation in the top right, you will find a “Search” bar to help you sort through classes.

Click on “Series” in the main navigation bar to view the series of classes. Here we have grouped together classes to help you organize your aerial schedule. 

Click on “Poses” in the main navigation bar to view the Pose Breakdown Library. Here we break down specific poses and exercises to help improve your aerial practice. 

Do you have any classes with music?

Yes, we have several classes that are available with AND without music, so that you can add your own if you like. 

Can I share my account with my sister/mom/dog fido? 

In order to continue delivering quality content, subscription fees are used for filming, hosting, and getting access to the best instructors. With this in mind, sharing an account is prohibited (and results in bad karma). Additionally, there is a two-device limit per account.

Login Issues 

How do I reset my password?

If you can’t remember your password select the “Forgot Password” link under the login screen. An email will be sent to you and will walk you through the steps to reset your password. 

How do I change my password?

Sign in to your account and select “My Account” in the main navigation page. Then under security you can change your password. 

Can I give a gift subscription?

Sortof! We offer gift certificates in various amounts so you can gift your love of aerials with a friend.

General Inquiries and Feedback

NDIYO strives to bring the best possible content to our Aerial family. If there’s something you’d like to see or a suggestion that would improve your experience, please email us at

Can I download videos to my device?

At this time our classes can only be viewed on-demand.

What do I do if videos load slowly?

First, check your internet connection. Then try restarting your browser, clearing cookies, or using a different browser. Also, let the video fully load before pushing play or attempting to scrub forward.